How's My Kitty?
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Dewey & Jasmine, Entry for April 13-14, 2008
13th- As always these two cuties greeted me at the door and asked for lots of love and attention asap. Saw your note and didn't see any problems with Jasmine's eyes. She was just as cheerful and playful as always and wasn't squinting at all. The had a couple of nibbles of breakfast and then Jasmine chased the laser light all around making her little chirping noises and Dewey took his pill and batted at his wands. So all's well here and it's so good to see them again!  

14th - My door greeters were right by the door with a warm welcome this morning and Jasmine's eyes still seem normal and clear to me. Dewey dug into his bowl of dry food for awhile and I served Jasmine over by the livingroom table where she was sitting. But as soon as I picked up the laser light she was off and running at the speed of light up and down the hall making those cute little noises. Then we all sat down on the floor and had a wand batting session so Dewey could get his share of playtime as well. He's paw at the laser occassionally, but is not inclined to excert himself as much as much as Jaz :)
2008-04-15 15:11:52 GMT