How's My Kitty?
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HOODINI & OONA, Entry for April 12, 2008
Well.... Hoodini and Oona got an extra visit today because I didn't double-check my reservation and realized they didn't start until the 13th! I just remembered that you were leaving very early this morning - and quite often we do PM for those kitties - Ah well, Hoodini at least seemed very happy for the extra company anyway. Both kitties appeared in the hallway as soon as I came in - and then as soon as I took one slow step forward Oona headed for the closet. Shaking the treat bag in the kitchen eventually brought her out under the desk - and I was able to give her a couple. Unfortunately, Hoodini just muscled his way in and ate hers before she could get the courage to eat them! They had finished all their wet food from this morning and just a bit of dry was left - so I gave them dinner, which both seemed happy about. Funny thing is, as soon as I'd turn my back Oona had disappeared somewhere else. She'd go from the closet, under the desk and into the livingroom. Played a little with Hoodini, chasing toys down the hall and then it was time to go! :)
2008-04-13 18:32:49 GMT