How's My Kitty?
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FRITZ, Entry for April 12, 2008
Fritzie was his usual hilarious self today - making it nearly impossible to get in the door - lying on his back and making me scoot him backwards slowly. As soon as I was able to get in I got down on the floor and gave him plenty of tummy rubs and scratchies which he can never get enough of. I took off my shoes and slowly tried to walk around and pick up his toys to play with. I have to be very careful because he's always right under my feet vying for attention and it's a challenge not to step on him. Once I got all his toys together we had lots of fun playing catch. He does wonderful jumps and flips in the air to catch them. We also had good time with the cat dancer too.  Today the laser light just wasn't grabbing his attention. Maybe it just wasn't dark enough in the condo. 
2008-04-13 18:24:35 GMT