How's My Kitty?
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ORION, Entry for April 12, 2008
AM- Orion was doing fine this morning.  His wet food bowl was empty as

usual and he was ready for his breakfast.  I moved his new paper bowl

to the side of the sink and quickly popped the can open.  I put myself

between Orion and the bowl and successfully dished up the food before

he could get his head into the empty bowl.  I put my face in his and

gave him a big grin while I scooped him up from the counter and placed

him down by his bowl.  He spent all of about 30 seconds doing a polite

taste test before he walked up to me in the living room and rolled over

for some scratchies.  I bought it and gave him a tummy scratch followed

by a couple of swipes with a brush.  After this small test of my training he got up leaving me on the floor and went back to eat some more.  He came back shortly for some more  play with the cat dancer, punctuated with a few nibbles here and there at his food.  We watched some TV and Orion accepted some serious brushing.  After more play with the cat dancer, I gave him a cat nip treat and started to prepare to leave.  Orion was contentedly grooming himself when I left.

PM- Orion met me at the door tonight and escorted me to the kitchen for his dinner.  We  were in our usual groove this evening.  We played and

rolled around on the floor.  He stalked the cat dancer and the laser

from his spotted cubicle with great delight.  Orion played with the

brush tonight, rubbing his chin on it while I moved it around the side

of his face and grabbing it with his front paws when he felt that I had

spent enough time on his tummy.  We watched the end of the Lord of the

Rings saga while he groomed himself and tromped over me for an

occasional scratch or two.  We ended with a little cat nip to occupy

him while I prepared to leave.
2008-04-13 18:17:52 GMT