How's My Kitty?
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RIO, Entry for April 11, 2008

Hi there! Rio was doing just fine today and it's a good thing you called because his water glasses were about half-way down and I don't know how he could have gotten to the rest of the water unless he tipped them over. I might suggest putting down one bowl, next to his glass, that he can always drink from easily. He had plenty of dry food left but I topped it off for him anyway.  Whenever I come in, I have to call his name to encourage him to come out from under mom's bed. We go back and forth with me calling out "Little Bunny.. Where aaare you?" and then I hear these faint little meows in responce. It's very cute. Pretty soon he meaners out to say hello and beg for lots of pets. Then we play with his wands - because the laser light is not grabbing his attention - unless I shine it only on his blanket on the couch. He seems to like just playing there - He doesn't seem to see it when I shine it on the floor. After that, we cuddled and watched a bit of TV together and he supervised the little cleanup:)

2008-04-13 18:10:40 GMT