How's My Kitty?
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ORION, Entry for April 9, 2008
Well dad - when I came in this evening Orion was right at the door to greet me and was just as friendly and welcoming as can be.  Not much of a guard-cat this one:) He jumped up on the island and wanted lots and lots of pets and kitty talk right away and it took him a little while to settle down and eat his dinner.  While he was muching away I opened up one of the new fishing rods and wouldn't you know - after casting it only a few times for him the line broke! So - we switched to the laser light which he seems to like more anyway and I had him running all over the place - even in and out of his bed and tunnel. It was pretty funny and he got plenty of exercise. The view about knocked me out at night. Truly spectacular with all the city lights.
2008-04-10 20:31:58 GMT