How's My Kitty?
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Millie & May, Entry for March 29, 2008

Millie was my door greeter today - while May sat nonchalantly on the chair ottoman - but slowly sat up, stretched and mosied over to say hello after her morning nap. Both kitties had finished their wet food from yesterday, but weren't  starving for lunch when I put it down. Instead, they were more interested in building a new obstacle course, which we did. I took the white packing material out of a smaller box and filled it with toys, took the handles off the white bag and filled that with toys and spread out various other objects which they found absolutely fascinating. They always like it when I do a little "redecorating":) In no time May had her head in the bag and was fishing everything out - and Millie was running as fast as she could after the mice and balls. I tried to get in a little brushing, but nobody wanted to stand still long enough. So all's well mom!

2008-03-30 14:20:15 GMT