How's My Kitty?
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Millie & May, Entry for March 28, 2008
Goodmorning! Well the blogs are back online at last!! The kids are doing just fine. When I came in May was sitting on the large packing box by the front door and Millie greeted me from the livingroom. Everybody gathered around for the pets and attention on the floor before I set out to prepare dinner. They weren't very hungry and didn't touch their wet food right away - so I figured they must have had a large breakfast before you left. No doubt it will be gone as always by tomorrow though. I search and search for their laser light, but could not find it - and the one that I usually carry with me is on it's last legs from overuse.. so we had to find something else to play with. The yellow feather wand was a bit of a hit and some mice toss. They also seem to like their new wavy scratch pads alot too. I stayed awhile with them and watched a period movie with Orlando Bloom I can't remember the name of... while they batted at the wand and got plenty of pets and they passed by:) So, all's well here:)
2008-03-29 15:45:26 GMT