How's My Kitty?
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Sheeba & Mambo, Entry for March 22-21, 2008
Well I must say that these two are just so much fun. They look so cute peering out the glass door when I arrive - very interested in everything that is going on outside. It is a bit of a challenge keeping them back when I come in - but fortunately I have a wonderfully large travel bag/ kitty baracade with me at all times. They are immediate door-greeters and want lots of pets and attention as soon as I when I come in. They've been enjoying the laser light alot but they slip and slide all over the slick floor when they run. It's pretty funny. They are eating very well and all appears normal. I'm filling their little balls with a bit of dry food and treats which they like batting around too. This morning I arrived to find both balls broken apart. Such a great idea! I need to get those for my own cats.
2008-03-23 04:19:46 GMT