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Batman & Wismo, Entry for March 20-21, 2008

3/20 pm- It was good to see Batman and Wismo again.  They met me at the door like always and weren't too disappointed that I wasn't their mom.  I gave them some scratchies and Wismo followed my bag to the sofa, laid on it and peeked inside to see if she could find the toys on her own.  Batman pretended not to be interested, but was diligently observant from a distance.  I offered up the rolled up cat dancer to Wismo to pounce and drag while I did my chores.  We had some great play sessions.  Wismo still tends to hog the play, making Batman a little frustrated.  When Batman gets bored or frustrated he tends to wander looking for something to get into.  He likes to jump from your computer table to the shelf/room divider.  There is an open space on the end by the wall next to your glassware arrangement near the top.  He made me nervous when he walked through the glassware as he scraped by the martini glass and the two small round cylinders.  I considered blocking access to the end of that shelf with one of the game boxes from the top of the bookcase by your bicycle, but I didn't want to create a situation where he might consider jumping up into the glassware, because his usual perch was blocked.  If you do consider blocking that end area, you might consider moving the glassware to a lower shelf with some protection on either side.  There were no accidents in the bedroom and when I left the cats were content and ready to relax for the night. 

3/21 am - Batman and Wismo are doing well today.  I was met by the cats at the door and a mangled roll of toilette paper in the distance on the bathroom floor.  I salvaged what I could of the roll and proceeded to do my chores.  When I finished Wismo had retrieved the Cat Dancer from my bag and was poking at it on the rug.  As soon as I put their morning food down on the floor both kitties were at their dishes.  Batman stopped after a few bites but went back to his dish on several occasions to eat more after it warmed more to room temperature.  Our play sessions went well.  I was able to distract Wismo allowing Batman to vigorously participate in some individual play with the laser pointer.  There were no accidents overnight or during this visit from Batman and the kitties were content when I left.

3/21 pm - The kids were fine this evening.  Their morning food dishes were totally cleaned out and I washed them and sat them on the sink for tomorrows AM visit. We had good play sessions, Batman included this evening. Batman did wander through the glassware again.  He also decided to watch Wismo's laser play from the vantage point of the top of the kitchen cabinets, first going to the top of the refrigerator and then hopping over the the kitchen cabinets.  He dropped down to the counter and then the floor for some individual play of his own.  They were ready to settle when I left and walked me to the door.

2008-03-23 04:12:23 GMT