How's My Kitty?
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WARICK & CACTUS, Entry for March 18, 2008
Hello at last! The kitties continue to do well and are getting very excited for Mr. C. to come home tomorrow! My little trick of mixing the Sheba with the Friskies didn't really work - They ended up just picking out the Sheba and leaving the rest. So, I gave them just Sheba for a couple days, just to spoil them - until we ran out. Then yesterday, they only had Friskies - which - I'm happy to say they finally decided to eat, since it was all we had:)) Kids... We've been having some wild play sessions with the yellow feather wand - I even have Cactus jumping up and trying to catch it now - and not simply watching Warick's acrobatics. I have been giving him just a little catnip however- lol.
2008-03-19 16:25:45 GMT