How's My Kitty?
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MEL, Entry for March 18, 2008
Hi dad! Sorry for the delay. We have trouble with the server occassionally. Mel seems to be doing fine. In the morning, he was laying on his blanket in the bedroom. I opened the curtains and sat down with him and gave him a few pets and a little massage. Then I picked up last night's dish ( which he'd finished almost all of) and headed back to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast. After a bit, he came walking as best he could down the hall to see what I was up to. I set down his dish for him and helped him find the bowl - which he eventually did and ate a fair amount before loosing interest. I gave him a few more massages and then carried him back, and set him down in front of his bowl in the hall - but he'd had enough for awhile and went back to his blanket. He's such an endearing old soul - my heart just melts when I see him:)

In the evening, Mel came right out to meet me when I came in and was much more vocal than in the morning. He took a few bites of his food but seemed more interested in being pet and massaged. I'm sure he'll find his way to his bowl when he get hungrier later tonight. Made sure to close the curtains too when I left:) 
2008-03-19 16:19:56 GMT