How's My Kitty?
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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ, Entry for March 10-11, 2008
Hello mom... well how do I put this nicely? Monday's visit was just about the worst experience I've ever had with a cat. Yep! Maggie has gone completely over the edge and I feel I'm walking into a B- rated horror movie each visit.... We could call it "CLAWS"  with the tag line " Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the apartment..." ... lol. I'm definitely NEVER going to do a nightime visit with her again - like I did on Monday... THAT was just horrendous. - Here's the scoop... After your last trip - when I was able to let the door stay open - I thought things would be better this time - but NOOO!!! As I stepped very calmly and quietly into the dark apt. with the box in front of me just to be sure --  Maggie comes flying up at me snarling, wailing, growling with teeth barred from under the table . And as I  suspected she was going to do eventually - the little Ninja jumped OVER the box!!!! over and over again!!! If she had claws my arms would have been sliced to shreds. So I start shouting NO!!!! BAD KITTY!! BAD MAGGIE!! But I'll be darned if she didn't keep attacking me relentlessly. So I had to stamp my feet and make a real fuss for her to finally back off and go in the bedroom. It was so SCARY - and I can't imagine what the neighbors must have thought... Sheesh mom!!! WHAT HAPPENED?? Why is she worse?? Did you put her on an anti psychotic? If so - it's definitely NOT working. And what happened to the balls and laser light???? They weren't outside the door and I couldn't find them anywhere in the house... anyway - more later about yesterdays visit - gotta run right now. whew.....
2008-03-12 20:00:41 GMT