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WARICK & CACTUS, Entry for March 11, 2008
Well we're still hanging in there:) Let's see... one of our favorite games these days is tandem batting of the yellow feather wand with both kitties taking turns trying to get it. However last night Warick really got excited with it and was such an acrobat! - jumping at least 4 feet high to snatch it away from me - then he was running around like mad - even banking off the sofa which was so hilarious. Cactus really likes to chase the little mice and roll around with them - but alas will not bring them back - so I'm getting my excercise too :) Warick continues to enjoy chasing his ball under the setee - and bringing it back to me - as long as I throw it just right. If I don't - he'll make me get up and get it myself. Sheesh! Cactus is particularly affectionate these days and follows me wherever I go - and always into the bath to watch the litter being tidied up. He hops right up on the sink and waits for pets as often as can give them to him. I've also taken this opportunity to brush him on the sink while he's there which he really enjoys. They've been very good about not trying to get out when I leave - overall, they seem pretty satisfied:)
2008-03-12 19:32:38 GMT