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BATMAN & WISMO, Entry for March 11, 2008
AM -It was good to see Batman and Wismo once again although they were a hand full this morning.  They met me at the door in the entry way strewn with tattered toilette paper.  I gave them some scratchies and salvaged the inner part of the roll and placed it on top of the towel rack.  I took my coat and scarf off and put my bag on the sofa.  Wismo immediately buried her head in my bag looking for her toys.  I prepared their food and while they ate, cleaned up the toilette paper and returned to the sofa for a little play and some brushing.  I couldn't find Batman's brush, however I have been carrying  my own brush with me.  Wismo as usual tolerated some brushing until she decided it was a toy and started to play with it.  Batman enjoyed some brushing and they both chased the laser and played with the cat dancer a bit.  Wismo tends to spoil the play session for Batman.  She plays so intensely that she tends to step in front of and takes over the chase from Batman.  This frustrates him a little.   After some play, I cleaned the litter boxes and as I was sweeping the floor, I glanced into the bedroom to see Batman pawing at the floor in front of your bag under the table at the entry to the bedroom.  Sure enough, he had made a statement on the side of the bag.  I wiped it and the floor off with paper towels and some Natures Miracle and zipped up the bag and laid a paper towel soaked with Natures Miracle over the affected area.  I set the bag on a plastic bag up and out of the way in your closet.  His statement was only on the outside of the bag and I believe the bag is salvageable.  The rest of the visit was uneventful.  I put a cue tip in the tub for Batman and he knocked around a bit with that.  I gave them both a little brushing and we played for a while before I left.

PM - This visit went very well.  They greeted me at the door.  The bag in the bedroom had not been disturbed.  As soon as I sat down on the sofa Wismo was tromping over me to get to the bag and search for her toys.  We had several good play sessions and some brushing.  I refreshed their food and water bowls and we watched The Mask of Zorro.  By the time I left, Batman was lounging on the bed and Wismo was lounging on my bag in an effort to keep me from leaving.
2008-03-12 19:22:26 GMT