How's My Kitty?
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WRIGLEY & ADLER, Entry for March 9, 2008
Hello there! Well I met Armando about 7pm last night and all went very smoothly with the alarm and the kitties were wonderful little door-greeters and quite happy for the company. They had finished up their breakfast and we set down dinner, which they took a couple of bites of - but were much more interested in socializing than eating. Thanks for leaving everything out on the counter so nicely - makes it alot easier. I showed Armando the Sub Q room and explained the routine which he felt would be no problem at all. Both kitties followed us downstairs to tidy up the litter boxes and were fascinated with all the activity. I got out several of their toys from the baskets and we had a little playtime with the ribbons etc. So all went fine in the evening. As I write this Armando has just arrived for their morning visit. He told me that someone had picked up their food dishes sometime between last night and this morning- so he could not tell if they had eaten or not... We don't believe it's the housekeeper because her check was still there. If you do have friends stopping by, I think they should leave the plates down - so we can monitor how much the kitties are eating. Well - all for now - Armando will send me a report for today ( Monday ) in the evening which I will upload asap. Cheers! LH
2008-03-10 16:46:35 GMT