How's My Kitty?
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LOLA H., Entry for March 5, 2008

Hi Mom! Not sure where we left off but I have to report that Lola is truly back to her old, playful, mischievious kitten self! We're having plenty of fun now. I have to be sooo careful walking around tho - because she's constantly right under my feet. Of course, when I open the cabinet to get her food out, she scrambles right inside to check everything out and hops up on the counter to put her little paws on my shoulders for hugs and attention... warms my heart:)) She won't let me hold her very long because she just too busy and excited about everything. She'll run after anything down the hallway again and is really full of energy. It's just great. I'm sure she'd play all day long with me if I had the time. After her breakfast, we had playtime and watched a little Martha Stewart. Did you know that you can actually RENT designer handbags online? lol.

2008-03-06 15:38:13 GMT