How's My Kitty?
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Polly, Jasmine, Cleopatra & Neffertari, Entry for March 2, 2008
Well either Cleopatra or Neffi was at the window before I opened the door - and unfortunately scampered away when I came in and that was the last I saw of those two - even though I searched and searched. They have some super secret spot I haven't found yet - but will keep trying:) I was SO disappointed, because I'm sure they are so pretty - I couldn't wait to see them. On the other hand Polly and Jasmine were out and about and sat on the stairs looking down cautiously. Polly was the very brave one who eventually crept slowly down to sniff my hand and have some treats.  Jamine was always in view, and kept an eye on me in my travels from floor to floor - but she wasn't quite ready to be sociable. I took care of litter chores and gave them a fresh giant bowl of water:)) They certainly had PLENTY of dry food left to last them a week. lol.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to find the two mystery kitties and interact more with the brave ones. I feel confident:))
2008-03-03 19:33:55 GMT