How's My Kitty?
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SPOT, GEORGE & ROVER, Entry for Feb. 29-Mar.1, 2008

Hi there and sorry for the delay. Our internet has been down. But as you already know, we're doing just fine. First day, only Spot was my door-greeter. George stood about 1/2 way down the steps staring at me - then inched down a step or two to sniff a treat I set down.. She wasn't brave enough at that point though to take it - and scampered back up. But! Back she came when lunch was served. Yesterday was another story altogether - Both Spot and George were happy little greeters and waited excitedly for their food. Spot is loving his treats too.  Rover prefers his dish under the bed upstairs. So far, he won't come out - but he's sniffed my hand:) That's a step in the right direction. At one point, while I was serving George and Spot lunch, I heard Rover meowing upstairs.. He was probably wishing he had the nerve to come down.... so I hurried upstairs and took it too him:)

Sorry about fishy.... I must have search every imaginable corner of the house yesterday before calling you.... Well - more tomorrow!

2008-03-02 22:10:08 GMT