How's My Kitty?
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Sheeba and Mambo (am & pm visits) Entry for February 24, 2008
Sheeba and Mamba were great little kitties to visit today! They were ready for breakfast this morning, so I went right to the kitchen to refill their food. They were so excited to eat, they meowed away as I filled their bowls. How adorable! My only unfortunate part of my visit was the discovery of a broken vase by the television, the kitties must have been having too much fun last night. I made sure to clean it up immedietly and sweep everything, so the kitties didn't get any cuts. During my evening visit, we played lots with the leopard ball and feather wand, which they loved! I made sure to leave some of the lights on for the kitties this evening as well. I have had a great time with these guys, I hope that you had a great trip!
2008-02-25 02:58:03 GMT