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BATMAN & WISMO, Entry for February 16, 2008
Batman and Wismo were doing fine again today. They met me at the door as usual. They were happy to see me and followed me to the kitchen for their morning wet food. While they ate I surveyed the home for any little disturbances and could detect none. I started my chores while they were eating, but were soon joined by the kids. Wismo provided in and out inspections of the hall litter box while Batman supervised leaving extra test deposits as I was trying to clean it. She has done this before. They have always been curious about having their boxes moved around and the floor swept by someone other than their mom. After finishing my chores, I gathered Batman's brush, the laser pointer and cat dancer, turned on the TV and settled in the living room. We had short play sessions punctuated by brushing Batman. Wismo would settle in front of me and tolerate a little brushing as well. I am doing several short play sessions now, as I have noticed that Wismo plays so intensely that she gets winded very quickly. All in all we had a good morning. PM - Again, Batman and Wismo were glad for company and followed me around as usual from room to room until I settled in the living room. I ran the water in the bathroom sink and was pleased to have Wismo wet her paws and take a drink. Batman hopped into the tub and rolled around playing with his cue tip. He found that cue tip several visits ago and will periodically leave the living room, usually when he is bored because Wismo is hogging the play, and knock around in the bath tub with his cue tip. In between play sessions and brushings the kids chilled out near me, which is their usual routine. Sometimes Batman will prowl the house, but Wismo will usually lay at the back of my neck. This evening we watched Die Hard With A Vengeance off and on. When it was time to leave, they gave me their sad little faces, but I assured them that I would be back in the morning and we would have another great time.
2008-02-17 15:03:53 GMT
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these have been really great to read. thank you. I just got home and the kitties seem awful happy, and nothing has been destroyed. in fact, I think the place is a little cleaner than I left it. : )
2008-02-19 04:29:54 GMT