How's My Kitty?
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OAKLEY & ZIGGY, Entry for February 15, 2008
Well sorry about the motion sensors!! I'd just come from another home with the same alarm and didn't stop to re-read your particular instructions. Ah! Live and learn... Anyway when I came in Oakley greeted me at the door with a resounding HISS - made it clear she wasn't thrilled, then headed upstairs to the bedroom. The good thing was that I SAW her and she was not stuck in a closet. I went about the chores and refreshed their food - giving them their tablespoons full of wet food as well - then headed up to look for Ziggy - who as I remember from last time was usually under the bed. Unfortunately I believe he was up in the box springs of the mattress, because I could not find him anywhere else - So there was no choice for me than to assume he was OK. Oakley had chosen to sit and watch me search from under the bed as well. I dangled the wand along the side but no little paw reached out to bat it... We'll see how they do tomorrow - and thanks for the email - will check all closets etc. as mentioned. Cheers!
2008-02-16 17:20:22 GMT