How's My Kitty?
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BATMAN & WISMO, Entry for February 15, 2008
Had a great day with the kitties today. Both AM and PM we pretty much went through our same routine - except in the morning I found "somebody" had had fun ripping up the roll of toilet paper in the bath. So I tidied that little mess up and put the remainder of the roll up on the shelf on top of the towels - and away from mischievous little paws:)) We had lots of fun with the laser and cat dancer too. In the PM, both kitties met me at the door again and FYI, I've been checking the entire house for any "presents" from Batman and so far so good! I have not found anything. Yea!! We snuggled on the couch for a bit, watched a TV, played with their favorite cat dancer and laser light until I wore them out and it was lights out for the night! so all is well and no worries here!
2008-02-16 17:14:23 GMT