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BATMAN & WISMO, Entry for February 14, 2008
AM-Batman and Wismo were doing well this morning. They met me at the door watched while I shed my shoes, coat and scarves and escorted me into the living room. I scooped their litter boxes, swept the floor, refreshed the water bowl and toped off the dry food under their close supervision. We then settled down in the living room for some fun. I gathered the laser pointer, cat dancer and Batman's brush. Turned on the TV and sat down on the sofa surrounded by two little cats. Batman received lots of brushing off and on. I was surprised that Wismo accepted some light brushing with Batman's brush. I think that she was jealous of the attention that Batman was getting. I opened up the cat dancer and Wismo got very excited. Wismo is crazy about it and also the laser pointer. She runs around and leaps into the air after the cat dancer and she moves her head from side to side when I zigzag the laser dot in front of her. She really hogs the play. When Batman starts to play she runs in front of him and he is frustrated. I have to distract her while Batman is playing so that he can have time with the toys too.
PM - The PM visit went much the same. After I finished my chores we settled in the living room for play. They tromped over me looking for the toys. In between play sessions Wismo laid in front of me on the ottomans with her little paws tucked under or on top of the sofa in back of my neck. Batman likes to roam the house in-between brushing and play more than Wismo does. This evening we had Batman Begins playing on the TV. Thanks for the goodies. I have been enjoying them during my visits. The cats seem very content while I am there. I have been giving them extra time with me and I am trying to give Batman extra brushing and TLC to compensate for your absence.
2008-02-15 17:03:10 GMT
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thank you! it's really nice to near about the little critters. i'm glad they're doing well.
when Batman Begins is on tv I always wonder if my Batman listens for his name...
--laura jean
2008-02-16 02:03:31 GMT