How's My Kitty?
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Merlin & Maya, Entry for February 9, 2008
To my surprise, Maya was a no-show on the stairs today. So I had no greeters when I came in. It worried me a little because I was getting used to her daily hisses - so I went in search of her right away and fortunately found her easily- relaxing on your bed. Well... I guess she's used to me now and I'm not so threatening. Hooray! Both kitties had finished up all their food since yesterday's visit so i went about setting out a fresh repas. Unfortunately everybody stayed put in the bedroom today and I had no supervisors. When I went to clean the box I did find Merlin sniffing my boots curiously, but as soon as i approached him he scampered back into the bedroom:) Both kitties seemed just fine though and when I left they were safe and snug on your comforter:) Cheers and have a great flight back!
2008-02-10 15:53:44 GMT