How's My Kitty?
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Cassie, Lotty, Scout & Ranger, Entry for February 8, 2008
Scout and Ranger were right at the front door today - in fact, trying to muscle their way out - but I put my bag down and slowly encouraged them back inside. It's probably not a big deal even if they do get out though - because there's really no where to go. All the kitties had finished up their meal from when you left and were quite happy for dinner. I set down several bowls of the wet and served up one large bowl of dry food just to spoil them while mom and dad were gone. Scout was just as cute as can be and shadowed me everywhere. he also seemed to want to eat on the kitchen counter so I let him dine separately. Everyone was just a friendly as can be and got plenty of pets and love. Cheers!
2008-02-09 14:18:31 GMT