How's My Kitty?
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MERLIN & MAYA, Entry for February 7-8, 2008
Hi Mum and Dad! The kitties are doing just fine. As mentioned on the phone, Maya starts off a little hissy and protective each visit - but manages to overcome her fears fairly soon. She'll either stand at the top of the stairs and hiss a warning when I come in OR yesterday she scampered straight down the stairs toward me like a watch dog. Undaunted however, I speak to her softly and sweetly and show no fear:)) I just tell her it's ok and walk slowly past her. She gets the cutest perplexed look on her face - like "Why didn't my scary voice work?" - and just watches me pass by astonished. lol. I head straight to the kitchen calling out their names while I prepare lunch/dinner and fill their timers. It takes Merlin about 3 minutes to build up the courage to come join me - but he never fails and gets lots of pets and attention as a reward. Maya will disappear for awhile and then come back when I set down the dishes. I did find a little vomit on the living room floor yesterday - but both kitties seemed in good spirits and the litter box is normal. So it's not a concern at this time.
2008-02-09 14:13:50 GMT