How's My Kitty?
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CLEO & IONA, Entry for February 7-8, 2008
Goodmorning! Ok - where did we leave off before we were so rudely interrupted with about 10" of snow? The evening of the 6th the side streets were impassable and the main streets were moving at a snails pace so it was impossible to get around - especially in your area. But! I had planned ahead and the kitties had plenty to eat for the evening - in fact, the next day - they had quite a bit left in their bowls - even Iona didn't finish everything. So that was good. I also was determined to find Cleo and searched and searched until I finally found her in the office closet on her little blanket. Iona on the other hand has been under the bed as usual but! we had a breakthru yesterday - (more on that later.) Anyway - back to Cleo... I sat down and chatted with her - handed her a little turkey and treats, and even set a bowl of dry food in the closet to hopefully get on her good side and encourage her to come out - but she's not interested so far. She's picked that spot as her safe zone now and that's where I've found her each time since. She's eating all the food I set in the closet - so despite all, she has a good appetite! Some cats who are really scared, will growl and hiss if you try to reach out for them - but she's not that way at all. She just looks at me as if to say - I'm just not sure about this.... So I'm not really worried about her. As for Iona, last night - I determined to wait both of them out and sat down and watched a movie and see who might creep out first, thinking the coast was clear... Quite awhile went by and no one showed themselves, so I walked over to see how Cleo was doing and LO and BEHOLD! Here comes Iona! She walked right out of the front bedroom just as I was heading in to check on Cleo. I think I took her a little bit by surprise, so I got straight down on the floor and gave her some encouraging words. After a minute or so, I think she said to herself, "oh what the heck, I'm getting pretty desperate for a pet ". And sure enough, she walked right up to me, rubbed up against my hand and got lots of love, praise and cuddles for it. What a sweetheart and such a brave girl! So- yesterday was a big success. Tomorrow, I'm not sure how I'm going to try and get Cleo out of her shell - but I'll think of something! Will upload blog asap. cheers!!
2008-02-09 13:09:53 GMT