How's My Kitty?
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Wally & Leo, Entry for February 6, 2008
Hi there! Well not sure if you heard but we had a severe storm here today and it was pretty challenging trying to get to all the kitties before it rolled in around noon. But! I did manage to get to the kids and they are still doing just fine. Gave them plenty of pets and kisses. Changed out their water, refilled the dry food container and continue to keep their litter area nice and tidy for them. Did not have a great deal of time to hang around today, what with the storm coming in, but will make it up tomorrow! Oh yes, I forgot - they are both having lots of fun carrying around and playing with your hairbands:)) I tossed a few of them around the room, and they got a big kick out of them. Cheers!
2008-02-07 18:54:31 GMT