How's My Kitty?
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CLEO & IONA, Entry for February 6, 2008
It was a very crazy day today in Chicago. All the nannies were running around like mad trying to get to all the kitties before the storm hit. I did manage to get to the babies in the morning as the worst of it didn't hit until 2pm. It turned out that Mia, the housekeeper had been there early before me - apparently trying to beat the storm as well. She had set the alarm and left me a note that I could re-arm it when I left. Both kitties were hiding out - I assume from the sound of Mia cleaning etc. I found Iona under the bed and searched and search for Cleo but she was in a super secret spot. Know any other places she could go besides under the bed and on top of the cabinets? In any case, I took care of their food and litter of course, and left them plenty extra with an additional little dish of turkey and some treats in the hall, because I was sure neither I nor anyone else would be able to make the PM visit under the circumstances. Few of the side streets were being plowed at the time and I didn't think they would be cleared by 6-7pm. More tomorrow!
2008-02-07 18:47:58 GMT