How's My Kitty?
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CLEO & IONA, Entry for February 5, 2008
Goodmorning Hongkong! All went very smoothly on our first evening - though both kitties were pretty shy. When I first came in everybody was hiding, I finally found Cleo in the front bedroom who just looked at me as if to say:" You're not my mom" . Undaunted - I got down on the floor and let her sniff my hand as a reminder - and then we looked under the bed for Iona. Not finding her there I suggested we go look in the back bedroom - which we did but she was too tricky for me - and clearly had found another super-secret spot. We headed back to the kitchen and I started preparing their evening meal. When I went to set it down for Cleo - she had suddenly disappeared too! I looked and looked again under the beds - and FINALLY found her high up on the kitchen cabinets looking down at me. I tried to coax her down with little bits of turkey, but she had made up her mind to stay put. Oh well... So - I finished setting out the evenings repas, tidied the litter box and headed out. I met your new neighbors who were moving in - they seemed very nice:) I'll be back in the morning - tho the PM visit might be a little "iffy" because the news is reporting a severe storm with a possible 12" of snow - so just in case, I'm going to leave double the amount of food in the AM - as I'm not sure your area will be passable in the evening. I may
2008-02-06 12:36:42 GMT