How's My Kitty?
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WALLY & LEO, Entry for February 3, 2008
Hi Guys! Been having much computer issues lately but the kitties are doing great!  They seem very happy to see me daily and not upset at all, even though it's been SOOOO long! It does seem like you've been gone forever! lol.  But! We're hanging in there. Twice this week I stayed and watched movies with them - with Wally on the couch arm next to me - giving me the occassional kisses. He's just SO sweet - and Leo sits on the floor and gives me his seductive kitty looks.. the same way my own tabby does. You know.. those sleepy blinking eyes. lol. Then he rolls all around until I give him tummy rubs.  Also - they are getting plenty of exercise because they LOVE the laser light... and I have them running from one end of the apt. to the other. So all's going very well here:))
2008-02-04 03:24:34 GMT