How's My Kitty?
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WALLY & LEO, Entry for January 28, 2008
The boys are doing just great - although I'm sure they wouldn't mind a 24/7 nanny. They are just SO happy when I arrive everyday. I brought a gallon of water as advised but the pipes weren't frozen so I didn't need to use it. I did empty out what was left of the fountain though and filled it with fresh. I think every three days is probably good to swap it out. They are both eating very well and litter box is normal. With their supervision - we got everything all swept out behind and around the box so kitties have a nice neat area to mess up everyday:) We watched a little TV together, with Leo on the floor and Wally on the arm rest next to me. It was very cozy. Also, as I was leaving I met your neighbor Chris and told him the pipes seemed fine:)) Well, that's all the news for today!
2008-01-29 21:05:11 GMT