How's My Kitty?
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Rex, Oscar, Ralph, Frank & Hanna!, Entry for January 28, 2008
Hi there! Well the brood seems to be doing just fine - though they have been a bit mischievous... Somebody had knocked all your papers and mail off the table and on to the floor. Then I think they all had fun running through them - because they were everywhere. lol. No damage tho - and hopefully I put them in a spot they can't get to again:) They are quite a gang and were absolutely ravenous when I arrived, so we got straight down to lunch. Everyone ate in their respective bowls except Hanna who seemed to prefer the "adult" food to her "kitten" chow. But I stayed with her and encouraged her to eat from her own bowl as much as possible. Rex of course wanted to eat his AND everyone elses.. Frank was the most sociable and hopped up on the counter to give me kisses - then followed me upstairs and down to supervise the litter boxes:) It was fun getting down on the floor and being surrounded by the whole gang. They're all soooo sweet. Cheers!
2008-01-29 20:58:31 GMT
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Thank you so much, I laughed when I read your message...Hanna especially cannot wait to bury her face in the food bowl, and as you discovered, any food bowl will do. We, too, supervise. So glad to hear they are all doing well, and not surprised to hear about their mischief!
2008-01-30 06:07:53 GMT