How's My Kitty?
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GRETCHEN, Entry for January 28, 2008
Well Gretchen has been her usual feisty self. Today however, I decided that an "Attack Cat" is really not such a bad thing actually... I mean you're NEVER going to be robbed with Gretchen guarding the door. She'd scare the heck out of any intruder asap. And she takes up a whole lot less space than a pit bull. lol. In the meantime, nanny Laurie has been using the ole "toss the treats into the livingroom trick" to keep her happy and back a bit while I fill her bowl and clean the litter. She's quick though -- munches those goodies up in a hurry then heads back to ME.... with a curled lip and a snarl:)) But! I manage... wish she'd let me get past her to get the wand though. Perhaps next time you could leave it by the door. Cheers! LH
2008-01-29 20:45:41 GMT