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Buttercup & Lulu,Entry for January 20, 2008
Both cats are looking good and have a good appetite by the looks of their bowls.  Both are very friendly and intrigued by the "goings-on's" as I set up their meals and clear their litter box.  Lulu doesn't care much for the medication in her ears; but she only fusses for a second or two before simply allowing the application to go forward.  This morning some of last evenings ear medication did have to be wiped off before applying the AM amount.  Lulu is also very good with her fluid treatment and she very easy to administer the fluids to.  I praised her after each procedure and thanked her for being a good patient.  You don't come across a lot of cats that will tolerate this as well.  Buttercup played with a large feather for a good three minutes before losing interest and retreating to her bed in the living room.  Everything in their litter box is normal.  I brushed them both and told them I'll return in the morning tomorrow.  Hope youre in a much warmer climate than we're in.  The temperature in your home is good and steady.  Buttercup and Lulu are nice and snug in their warm home and hopefully the climate outside will follow suit sooner than later. 
2008-01-21 21:08:28 GMT
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Thank you so much for the updates on the girls. I'm glad that Lulu is taking her treatments well. we'll check back later. thanks again!
--Elaine and Joshua
2008-01-21 22:18:10 GMT