How's My Kitty?
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DOUG & LILY, Entry for January 19, 2008
I always enjoy an eveing with the cutest pair of kitties. They crack me up when they play hide and go seek and play with the infamous "skunk." Lilly is just such a little lover. She kisses me on the cheek when I come in. Doug is very playful.  They are both eating well and Lilly seems much happier with the new cat food. Lilly is still kicking her litter out and sometimes pees outside of the box as you know - but what can ya do:)) They got into the toilet paper yesterday - so I put it in the closet. I'm not sure if they remind of kids or teenagers with their mischevious ways. But, I love their antics and playful greetings. I hope all is well with you!
2008-01-20 17:29:54 GMT