How's My Kitty?
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Buttercup & Lulu, Entry for January 19, 2008

All went exceedingly well with the kitties this evening. Chelsey was unexpectedly called to her parents in Indiana, so I went over with one of our other technicians, Armando, and looked after the babies. Armando was terrific with Lulu and is really an expert in Sub-Q's as he does this daily at the hospital -  So, it was all over in a jiffy. Lulu was a very good patient and only meowed a couple small complaints in the process. Overall, she was very sweet and patient. After that we took care of the litter and I played with them while he prepared their meals to specifications:) Both were very glad for din-din and took their respective places at "the table" when everything was set out:)  I decided, since Chelsey will be gone for (2) days - that Armando will take care of them, just to be consistent, for the remainder of your trip.  And hope you don't mind, but I gave him the very sweet gift card you left - since he was such a champ to come through in a pinch like that. He was thrilled to receive it. Thank you SO much - you are so thoughtful !! Cheers, LH

2008-01-20 17:23:37 GMT