How's My Kitty?
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GRETA, Entry for January 9, 2008
Hi there! Getting in went very smoothly and Greta was right at the door complaining about where I'd been. She went on and on for a good 5 minutes and then lead me into the bath and hopped up on the sink. So turned the faucet on for her and she had a good time playing and drinking the water. In the meantime, I refilled her bowls, water and took care of the litter. After a bit she came back out to see what I was doing and we went and got her toys out of the bedroom. I started to toss them around for her - but then she headed into the bath again. So I followed her with the brush - and she really enjoyed being pampered up on the sink. Must be her usual spot? So all's well here!
2008-01-10 17:58:46 GMT
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She LOVES the sink...
2008-01-10 19:33:02 GMT