How's My Kitty?
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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ, Entry for January 8, 2008

Well ... I tried a couple things today. First, I grabbed Maggie's treats and stood a brave distance from her and tossed them her way. That just pissed her off. Tried sliding her plate of wet food toward her. That just made her want to rip my heart out... and she started an end run around the plate - so I had to get the box and nudge her back toward the bedroom while she attacked it. Whew... Once I got the door semi-shut I tried to get the over-the-door hook off so I could shut it - but it was just impossible with Maggie snarling and reaching her cute little claws through the opening to get at me. I think you'll have to do it when you get home. But I did come up with an idea to get one of your scarves out of the nearby closet and tie one end to the bedroom door and the other to the closet door. That held the door in a closed enough position so Little Ninja couldn't squeeze through. She quieted down finally when she knew I'd outsmarted her - so I was able to take care of business - then creep back over, undo the scarf, open the door and beat it.... Just one more dealth-defying day with Maggie!:))  

2008-01-10 17:42:49 GMT