How's My Kitty?
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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ: Entry for January 7, 2008

WELL mom... The good news is that it's wonderfully quiet around here this week after the madness of the holidays - the bad news is that just when I thought it was safe to back in the water...... Little Ninja changes it up a bit. I tell ya, she is relentless. So - I crept into the apt. in my usual terrified manner calling out " Maaaaaggie..." " Oh Little Niiiiiiinja... where aaaaare you??" waiting for her to jump from the fridge to my head any second - and did eventually find her sitting on a blanket just inside the bedroom door. She gave me her usual greeting and started to charge  - but the door closed in the nick of time. So - I expected as usual for everything to go smoothly after that and went ahead with the chores, filling their dishes, refreshing the water bowl and fountain, cleaning litter boxes, having a glass of wine. ( lol. Thanks!! very sweet of you ) then got out the vacuum and was happily and calmly vacuuming away when I heard an a faint creek in the bedroom door and WHOA! Here comes Maggie hissing and snarling at the vacuum. So the only thing I could think of to do was vacuum her back in the bedroom ( figuratively speaking of course - actually, just little by little encouragment and shut the door again - which worked, but only temporarily. Unfortunately, I can't close the door all the way because of the over-the-door hook --- so in 30 seconds, here she comes again. It was a true battle of wits. I did manage to sweep her back, hurry and gather up my things and carefully open the bedroom door again - but it was a real challenge.... Sheesh! What a job. Lord knows what tomorrow will bring. Your little angel is getting smarter by the day -

2008-01-08 22:23:28 GMT