How's My Kitty?
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CLEO, BEAR & SUNSET, Entry for December 22-23, 2007
Dec. 23- Cleo, Bear & Sunset were doing fine today.  Bear received a very nice brushing and a cleaning followed by some greenies.  Sunset had some fun with the laser and a brushing followed by a treat.  He also enjoyed lots of scratchies as did Bear.  Cleo suffered through some scratchies covering up her enjoyment with her usual complaints. She was good overnight in the bedroom, however she made a little mess in the kitchen after she came out.  Regardless of  the little mess we all had a good visit together.

Dec. 22- It was good to see your little ones again.  All is well on the home front.  There were no surprises from Cleo. Bear enjoyed his usual brushing.  Cleo and Sunset had some fun chasing that little red dot.  Bear and Sunset enjoyed some greenies for just being good boys and Cleo got some nice scratchies whether she wanted them or not.
2007-12-24 16:37:43 GMT