How's My Kitty?
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TIMEX, Entry for December 23, 2007
Well if you told Timex to behave this time, then he obviously listened. When I came in he was sitting on the bed looking up at me as I greeted him. No hissing ... I headed into the kitchen to prepare his meal and lo and behold there he was standing by the fridge looking up at me just a quiet as can be. I knelt down and gave him his plate with a little spoonful of the wet food and he actually rubbed up against the fridge and let me pet him!! Wow - I was very surprised. And he stayed out and watched me do chores and munched on his food off and on. ** On a side note. There were (2) instances of vomit in the kitchen and on the side of his kibble bowl. This happened last time as well...
2007-12-24 16:12:38 GMT