How's My Kitty?
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BOO-BOO, Entry for December 17, 2007
Boo was just an angel today as he was yesterday - which was a blessing - if you read though some of the other blogs. Sheesh! It's not easy being a cat-nanny sometimes ... ANYway - little Boo came running out to greet me and waited patiently while I set down his tuna juice and medicine - which he licked up in about 30 seconds. What I did yesterday was to squeeze out all the juice from the tuna and put the juice and meat in separate tupperwares for the next day. So today, it was quite simple to just get out a tablespoon of the juice and mix it with his meds. I'm going to start using this system on all our kitties when they're a little reluctant with liquid medications in the future. Just works like a charm! Well then, I set down a bit of the tuna meat and his canned food to eat later and took care of the chores. After that we usually just sit on the chair and he likes to get his neck scratch most of all:) His fountain is ready for a cleaning - but I thought I'd do that tomorrow. Cheers!
2007-12-18 02:56:30 GMT