How's My Kitty?
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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ, Entry for December 17, 2007
First of all. THANK YOU SANTA!! You are so sweet. I just LOVE the stocking full of goodies. Yum! - and especially the darling Mexican Cat ( very Christmasy) and the little vile of Special Tequila. THAT should be fun:)) ANYWAY - down to business.... Here's today's scoop: It was and Interesting day with Little Ninja. A far-cry from yesterday.... Today again, I crept into the apt. looking all around for the Magster - under the table, behind chairs, up on the fridge and she was nowhere to be seen - so I slowly walked over and closed the bedroom door, thinking she was inside. Then I turned around to head to the kitchen and WHOAAAAH! there's Maggie standing as quiet as a church mouse with the look of "one pissed off kitty" - right next to the table!!. I have NO idea how she managed that !! So... I crept over in SLO-MOTION toward THE BOX and held it in front of me as a shield- then moved bravely toward her - backing her up little by little into the bedroom while she sprang, spit and attacked it off and on. Very scarey stuff. But ! Undaunted, I finally made it to the bedroom and I was able to close the door and go about the daily business - Little Ninja was none too pleased though that I got the best of her - because I could hear her snarling and attacking the door as it rattled rather loudly...... which I must admit was somewhat unnearving and kept looking to see if she actually got it open. I didn't want to think of what she had planned for me if she got out! Gulp... Overall - it was just another ordinary day at Maggie & Kravitz':))
2007-12-18 02:38:04 GMT