How's My Kitty?
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HARRY, Entry for December 17, 2007
WELL -- Harry is just a nut. Here he is Mr. Sociable for two days in a row - visiting, playing, purring and a happy kitty and then as of yesterday he's gone back to being a recluse! Yep - he's back in the closet. I fooled him yesterday though. I put out his tuna and treats etc. - went about my business, calling and searching for him but could not find him. So finally, I slipped out the front door - waiting about 30 seconds and then opened it back up again quickly - just in time to find him about to sneak out from the bottom shelf of the closet. I said "Ah Ha! Caught you!" and had a good laugh at the look on his face. He was frozen - half in half out. I decided to just let him be though - didn't want to stress him out if he wasn't in the mood for company...  And again today, I found him under the couch and walked over to greet and give him a little pet. At that he high-tailed it to the closet. I'm starting to think he's in a better mood in the evenings.. which is when I came on my first two visits... just a thought:)) Can't wait for tomorrows mood. lol.
2007-12-18 02:20:57 GMT