How's My Kitty?
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ISKANDER, WINNIE, NAZIH & HENRI, Entry for December 12, 2007
Hello Cairo!! Well - the whole gang was right at the door when I came in. They are such a welcoming group and really made me laugh! They followed me straight to the kitchen when I found they had finished up every last crumb since you left... so I filled up their big blue bowl with kibble and everybody gathered around. We also had fun chasing treats around the room right away. Then, just to spoil them, I set down (4) fresh bowls of wet food so there was no pushing and shoving. lol. After that I took care of the litter boxes - which I'm glad you moved to the bath - SO much easier to clean etc. and then we had playtime. Nazih just loves catching the small toys when I toss them, Iskander watched, Henri stayed right next to me and just wanted lots of love and pets and Winnie did her own thing - munching on food, hiding and reappearing. Everyone was in good spirits overall!
2007-12-13 16:03:38 GMT