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Koopa Entry for December 3, 2007
Koopa is just just fine today! I had some issues with the unlocking of the front door to the apartment building, so I was just curious if you had any ideas as to a better way to work it or access the apartment. Other than that, I had another great visit with Koopa. He was very friendly, and loved to cuddle. Of couse, we played with the leopard wand, which he jumped like crazy after! I made sure to refill the food and water, as well as clean out the litter, so all is well here! Cheers!
2007-12-04 17:20:02 GMT
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for the front door Often you can just push on the door hard and open it without the key!

Otherwise, you have to put the key all the way in, and then pull it back out slightly, and turn, it can be tricky, sorry! Can also try getting neighbors to buzz you in

Thanks for the blog updates we love them! Good to hear Koopa is doing well.
2007-12-04 23:02:27 GMT