How's My Kitty?
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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ, Entry for November 27, 2007

Well when I came in today Kravitz and little Ninja were in the dining room which was great - but as soon as Maggie started hissing Kravitz scampered away. Rats.. well - at least I got to see him:) After that - not a whole lot of excitement to report except that Maggie stood her ground and didn't want to let me in the kitchen- so I had to "encourage" her to head into the bedroom with a little help from a box you recieved in the mail. It was the perfect sheild against attack and I didn't have to clap or anything. Maggie just realized it was useless charging the box and gave up and headed to the bedroom. Upon which I closed the door and went about the business of the day:) Thanks for the cookies!!  Absolutely delicious!!

2007-11-28 22:34:53 GMT