How's My Kitty?
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BELLA & TIGGER, entry for November 27, 2007

Tonight both Bella and Tigger were in the kitchen to greet me as I entered the apartment. I guess this is their way of saying 'feed us!' As I prepared their wet food Bella was being very cute - she kept rubbing against my leg and looking up at me with those big green eyes! She and Tigger promptly ate their respective wet dinners, separated of course. I made sure Tigger took his Metamucil with his wet food. BTW, the litter box was normal, no diarrhea or anything out of the ordinary.  After dinner and changing the water bowl, we played with the laser light for a great deal of my visit. Tigger got some good exercise chasing the light around the living room and jumping up along the wall to paw and stab at it. Bella looked on for a while and later got in on the action, really going for it! She chased and pawed at the light like a little hunter! I think I had as much fun as them just watching them go crazy! After a while it was time to say goodnight to these sweeties...until tomorrow.

2007-11-28 22:23:14 GMT